Special Services

We have several great services for everyone! Check them out below!
Sip & Shop
Grab your friends and join us for a Sip & Shop party! What is Sip & Shop you ask?
Well, if you enjoy wine, charcuterie boards, shopping and socializing with your friends, you will love this!
Here is how it works!
  • Select a night for your Sup & Shop event! The party will typically be from 6pm-8pm, but can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Invite 9 or more friends for your private event.
  • Head over to our store on the date you selected.
  • Enjoy a variety of wine, delicious charcuterie boards, and shop our store with your friends!
  • A drawing will be held at the end of the night for everyone who joined your event. Each person will have a chance to win a $50 Gift Card that they can use towards their next visit!
  • PLUS, as the host, you will receive discounts based on the total amount of sales your Sip & Shop event generates.
    • $1,000 = 10% OFF your purchase
    • $2,000 = 15% OFF your purchase
    • $2,500 = 20% OFF your purchase + $100 Gift Card
    • $5,000 = 25% OFF your purchase + $200 Gift Card
    • $10,000 or more = 30% OFF your purchase + $300 Gift Card

Ready to schedule your Sip & Shop Party? Call or text us today! 336-648-7535

Speed Styling
A one-on-one in-store style session to select the best outfits for everyday wear, work or a special occasion!
How exactly will this work, you ask?
  • We will host designated Speed Styling Night's and you will select one of the available time slots of 15 minutes.
  • You will complete a brief questionnaire prior to the Speed Style event. The questionnaire that will help your dedicated stylist select the perfect outfits for you!
  • When you arrive, we will have 3 pre-selected outfits ready for you based on your questionnaire.
  • Your stylist will share information about the outfits that was selected for you and you will try-on the outfits.
  • If you love them, you may purchase them or for any that you don't love, you can give them back to your stylist.
  • Once your 15-minute style session has ended, you will be able to roam the store to continue shopping and enjoy lite refreshments as well.

Did we mention our Speed Style Session's are FREE and there is no obligation to make any purchase after your session? Book your session today calling or texting us at 336-648-7535!